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Krabi - updated and photos added!

Mainland scenery

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We woke up in good time our last morning in Phuket (at least until we go back to catch our flight to Singapore). We wanted to have lunch with our English friends before we all left. We had become the best of friends, so it was really hard to leave them, but we promised that we'll see each other again.
We got a ferry to Krabi, which is on the mainland of the of Thailand, across from the peninsula that Phuket is on. We checked into our hotel and walked around the town which is called Ao Nang. The scenery here is out of this world! The beaches and rock formations are breathtaking. The town is extremely mellow, which is a relief after Phuket and Koh Phi Phi. We had dinner at a restaurant that overlooked the water, and the view was amazing as we got there just as the sun was setting. We then just headed home for a chill night since Ron was not feeling great. Luckily we found a channel with English movies, so we kept ourselves entertained.
Ron was still feeling a little sick in the morning, so we postponed our kayak tour until tomorrow. Instead we headed over to Railay Beach by taxi boat, about a 15 minute trip. It is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been! The beach was just gorgeous. The sand was white and the water was teal blue. We could swim up to the massive rock formations, and there were a ton of people climbing. It was very mellow and we had a great time swimming and suntanning before having lunch and exploring the town. That night we had dinner at an Italian restaurant (in Thailand, run by Indians!) and then went back to the room and watched the Discovery channel.
The hotel we are staying at is very luxurious, which is a bit of a relief after the last couple of places! We haven't stayed anywhere that was overly grungy, but we've really learned to appreciate a good bathroom with a decent shower! The only knock is that there are not a lot of young people in our hotel, but our next couple of days are packed with tours, so that isn't much of an issue.

We woke up early the next morning to do a tour to the James Bond island. The island was in The Man With The Golden Gun, a movie that I have not seen. It was raining and the island was not that interesting so we could have done without it. After that we went kayaking around small islands and into caves which was really cool. We actually had to lie down flat in the kayak to get into some of the caves. We then went to a floating town. We thought it was just a market, but we discovered that people actually live there. There was a school and houses, all kept up by stilts. We had lunch there, then went back to the mainland. Our last stop was at the monkey temple, where monkeys were everywhere. These monkeys were much friendlier than the monkeys we saw in Phi Phi. If you held food in your hand, they would climb on you and sit on your shoulder and eat. One little guy, who I named Ringo, sat on me for about 20 minutes just eating away. I was in heaven. That night we met up with these Australian guys who were on the tour with us. We found a bar that had live music and a pool table, so we had a few drinks there. I then discovered that you could go up and sing with the band, which made me really excited, because we've been looking for karaoke. I got up there and sang Satisfaction by the Rolling Stones. Luckily, the bar was dead and I had had enough beer that I couldn't embarrass myself too bad.
We woke up early again the next morning to go elephant trekking and white water rafting. The elephant trekking was amazing. Elephants are so friendly and so cute, they quickly made their way up my list of favorite animals. I named the elephant that we rode Fred, and he was awesome. After our ride was done, they brought over one of the younger elephants to give us a little show. He danced, sat on his bum like a human, kissed me, and played harmonica! We named him Bob after Bob Dylan. Next we went to a waterfall, which was great because the water was clear and cold, so we finally found some refreshing water to swim in (a nice change from the warm waters at the beaches we have been to!). Plus, we were very happy to get rid of the stinky elephant smell that had embedded itself in our skin. After the waterfall we headed to white water rafting, which was a ton of fun. I had never done it before and I knew I would enjoy myself, but I'm sure it would be a little more thrilling back in BC, although it was much cheaper here! We ate dinner at the top of the hill at the Lei Lay Seafood Bar. The restaurant had a great view of the ocean and landscape around us and we figured we could spoil ourselves for one meal, so the food was amazing! I had fresh crab fried in ginger and chili and Ron had an entire grouper steamed with soy sauce. Man, was it good. We left Krabi early the next morning to go to our last stay in Thailand, back at Phuket.

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